- MONASH Prato Centre Symbol

WHILE in Prato, Italy, our design group was asked to each create a symbol that represented the Prato exchange experience. The symbol was to represent both our personal engagement with the program and, more broadly, the important elements of Prato itself.

The symbol I created is adaptable to two different purposes - professional and commercial. The professional symbol is stripped of colours. It draws on the contrast between the everyday and the monumental and shows the way in which we, as international students, experience Prato's 'everyday' as something foreign and incredible. The straight, parallel lines represent the everyday, while the curved, organic lines symbolise the monumental. The 'monumental' lines extend past and cut through the mundane of the everyday. These lines also represent the Bisenzio River, an integral part of Prato and our exchange experience. This symbol is perfect paired with a calligraphic sans serif font for business cards, letterheads and envelopes.

The commercial symbol draws on the same concepts, however; imagery and colour is added, to achieve a more playful feel. The colours are drawn from Prato buildings and environments and the trees reflect the freedom of the countryside. This symbol is much better suited for promotional items.

symbol1 symbol3 symbol4

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