- Morwell Central Primary School- Hypothetical Branding

MORWELL Central Primary School is a brand new school, located in Gippsland, which is set to open in 2017. It is a modern space and will made up of students from three separate schools.

The size, architecture, learning style, and overall concept of the school is vastly different to any others in the area. The school will accommodate children with different hobbies, learning skills, socio-economic backgrounds and educational backgrounds, so it plans to be a holistic learning environment with different learning opportunities for each and every student. This must be reflected in its identity.

My identity for Morwell Central Primary School hopes to break free from the institutionalised constraints of so many other educational facilities. It is playful, with collage made from real paper, paint, fabric and more, all within the colour scheme of the school. The logotype and overall typography makes use of a grid system, which can be fitted together in many different ways to support various outcomes and applications. It is reflective of children’s learning tools, such as wordfinds and crosswords, and is very easy to utilise for interesting wayfinding and clear branding.

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